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Cam4 allows you to earn a lot of money having fun in front of your webcam. However, you are in competition with many models, it is important to use every solution offered by Cam4 in order to stand out, appear on the first page and see your number of viewers grow. Don’t forget that most of your income will be provided directly by your viewers.

To broadcast a good show, please check the following details :
Webcam :
Make sure you have a high quality webcam: 640×480 or better for resolution. More megapixels equals for better range of colour and clarity. Glass lens is better than plastic. Frame rate of 30fps or better is good. Generally the more you spend on your webcam, the better the quality of the video.
Lights :
Lighting is very important for broadcasting your webcam. A lamp with a shade, placed to one side of your computer monitor should be sufficient. Avoid lights in direct line of sight of the camera. This tends to affect the auto exposure and sometimes colour balance of your images. Light pointed at your face may make bright white spots on your face. Lights behind your head may make dark spots on your face. You should experiment with different wattage bulbs, different angles and types of light to find the best level for your particular setup. Usually more light is better than less light. To learn more check out http://cowboyfrank.net/webcams/HowToLight.htm
Sound :
Video without sound can be very boring. Make sure you broadcast sound with your show. Many cams now come with a microphone built in, some keyboards & laptops have a microphone. Make sure it’s turned on and that the levels are not set too high or low. Ask people who are watching your cam if the sound is too low or high. Also when you broadcast, mute the window where you are watching yourself. If you don’t then sound will be recorded, played back into the video are watching of yourself, and be recorded again causing a feedback loop and horrible high pitch squeals. Get used to broadcasting without listening to yourself.


Having your profile completed is very important. A lot of viewers like to know more about you.
– Complete your personal profile. Choosing 3 languages (English, Spanish and French for example) allows you to appear on more pages and will bring you more viewers.
– Take the time to write an interesting bio. Make it quite short but focus on what you like, your sexual fantasies. Show some originality.
– Edit the questionnaire about your sexuality. Once again feel free to show some originality and imagination.
– Upload sexy pictures of you. The main picture appearing during the 3 first minutes of your show as the thumbnail on the webcam’s page, this picture has to catch people’s attention.

The quest for tokens is your main target as a model for Cam4.

Here is your broadcast window :

At the bottom left of your broadcast window, enter a goal (for example 5000 tokens) and set up a limit time (for example 30 minutes).

On the bottom side, enter your « rates ». You can update it regularly to make viewers want to come back and see you again.
As examples, here are some rates usually used by other models on the website, some are quite original but still work !
– 250 Flash tits
– 500 Flash pussy
– 500 Choose the song
– 1000 Naked
– 1000 Your name on my tits
– 1000 Zoom ass
– 1000 Chocolate / Cream
– 1000 Wet Tshirt
– 1500 Lingerie on
– 2000 Dildo in the pussy
– 2000 Dildo in the ass
– 2000 : 10min PVT (on Skype)
Also, specify what you are going to do once your goal is reached. For example :
At goal : Masturbate
You are totally free to define your own rates, goals and find new ideas. We have models offering to paint their bodies, film themselves while showering, urinate, play with vegetable or any kind of sex-toys, etc… possibilities are endless and you will always find an interested public.
You can also ask your viewers to request anything for tips. You agree or not.

One alternative idea which works well is to record videos of you with your webcam (strip-tease, masturbation, etc…) and then give them to your viewers in exchange for tokens !
You will also want to appear on the first page of Cam4 as quickly as possible in order to see your number of viewers growing. We advise you to begin with very sexy shows from the start of your broadcasting so you can quickly be on the main page.
Finally, and it should have been the very first advice : Remember to smile, be friendly and fresh and have fun !


When you are broadcasting your show, you can add a status (at the top, next to the Cam4 logo).
This status will also appear next to your thumbnail on the webcam’s pages. Write something short, 2 or 3 words, describing your mood, your specialty or your goal.
For example : « I’m hot ! 😉 », « 5000 FOR ASS », « Sex & fun ! », « Cucumber », « Wet for you », etc…

Like for your rates or your goal, you can update your status regularily in order to make people want to watch you again.


Even if Cam4 is an international site, most of the viewers come from the USA. Adapting your hours to suit theirs is a good strategy !


You will probably receive many friend requests from your viewers. Send them a short message to thank them, say Hello, and invite them to your next shows.

STATS: Once logged in on Cam4, you can access to your stats (earnings, time spent broadcasting, etc) by clicking on “Tokens” on the top menu then Performance History or Tipping History.
Here you will find the names of people who tipped you so you can also send them a nice message.


Feel free to use every possible way to highlight yourself, this includes external ways.
– Create pages on the social networks like Facebook or Twitter and be busy on its (use the same ID, upload pictures and updates).
– Talk about you on forums, send links to your Cam4 page, etc.
– Create a blog.
– Etc…


Unfortunately you might see some unfriendly people and may read few unpleasant comments. Do not play their stupid game and just ignore or ban them.

Cam4 has a few moderation tools. Click on the name of the annoying user, choose Moderation tool then :
– Kick : Removes them from the room but they can return
– Ban : Removes them from the room and does not permit their return
– Silence : They remain in the room but nothing they say can be seen
For confidential reasons, you may want to block certain countries, people living there would then not be able to see your show. You can block up to 3 countries on Cam4. Go in the management of your profile section, choose Block and choose the countries you want to block.

Comments (8)

  1. Mckenzie says:

    Hey there, can you give me some advice on how to gain more cam4 viewer twitter followers? I’m new to it and want to avoid my personal contacts, (friends, family for example)
    i have many Skype users and updated my account with status including my twitter account link, but is there a way to email them directly? thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hi! I recommend texting your skype contacts that they can follow you on Twitter.
      You can also follow the official CAM4 twitter accounts (@cam4, @cam4_nl, @cam4_de, @cam4_es, @cam4_it, @cam4_gay & @cam4_pt) and Tag them in your messages, then we will retweet ;).

      Good luck :)

  2. Brandy says:

    Hello, i am new. I keep reading that i must first broadcast from the website ONE TIME in order to then broadcast from my mobile app. Everytime i click broadcast tho, it takes me back to the page to download the app. So i tried just going ahead and getting on the app to try it out. I begin broadcasting, and altho users can hear my voice, they cannot see the video. I can see it perfectly. I have a samsung galaxy S6, so i am not sure why im having any issues. Please help so i can make some money….

  3. erica says:

    I am new to the sight and i want to know the value of each token and what it is worth.

  4. Cerealpony says:

    Hey There ! :)
    I am really new to this stuff ,just got my profile done,uploaded some poctures and wrote some information about myself .
    I was just wondering ,is it possible to earn tokkens broadcasting for the first time ?
    And where can u see the value you had earned while broadcasting ?:)

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